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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I went to a course recently and I met somebody who I knew from my students years. I knew that she was one of the best, if not the best to say the least - at that time. And even after 5 years, she did not fail me at all. She rose higher than my expectation. Even others who were participating in the same course noticed her 'talent'. Every instructor who taught us will complement her. The good thing is, she remained humble (externally), just like 5 years ago. Internally, I am sure she would feel proud of herself. Would anybody not feel proud with all the praises? Even I would like people to say something like that to me.

And that's it. I actually felt envy (in a mild way). Envy to have the praises. Why people were not noticing me? Was I not as good as her? (
obviously not!! :)) Masya-Allah. I usually don't care whether people look at me or not, but i guess the nature of the course is to please the instructor. Your intention became just exactly that - to please the instructor.

Imagine what can happen in our day to day lives if our aim is limited to becoming a consultant quickly, or get awarded for our excellent presentation or skills, or praised for our jobs? What will happen if that aim is not being satisfied and somebody actually stand in between? Would our reactions be that we want this no matter what, we want this thing even at the expense of that person? Or we continue praising our competitor so that we will look good (at least externally) to his eyes and hoping that he will praise us and help us in the future?

Islam taught us not to be envy, except for something good. And that something good are limited to 2 things - somebody who was given the quran and he recites it day and night (or in another wording, someone who was given knowledge and teach to others), and somebody who was given wealth and he spends it in the cause of truth (Bukhari). We envy these two groups in the hope that we can be like him.

Competition is not considered blamesworthy in Islam, especially when it can increase productivity and actually praiseworthy when it was done for righteuosness. It becomes bad when the thinking behind it was a win-lose situation - it is either you or me. And the intention, it has to be for the sake of Allah. To be specific for the course that i attended, it should be that I attended the course so I can pass the course as best as I can. This I will use to save lives of other people, as Allah has said that saving one live equal to saving the whole humanity (quran). NOT for the praise of the instructors. The more people excell the course, Insya-Allah the more lives will be saved.

O Allah, purify our intention and protect us from evil eye.



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