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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The last moment

My life is actually quite busy when i am not working, contrary to my expectation. It is relaxing, but busy. Busy as I need to reorganise my routine with the arrival of our daughter, Amatullah Husna. Busy as I need to sort out many things (procrastination is never good!) including locum job, letters and certificates, registration with MMC, returning expert program (for 2 tax free cars) and etc. That does not include shipping, packing up stuff to bring home and shopping.

I recently as well read few blogs, written buy young cancer patients who are at their terminal stage, meaning there is not much options to offer anymore. How they organise themselves to deal with the remainder of their lives. How can they make the biggest impact to the people around them so that their present lives would be remembered and contribute to their benefit in the hereafter.

To compare these two is like heaven and earth. No way you can compare somebody who is actively dying, and somebody who is leaving one place for good, although we are all
passively dying. But just imagine if this is our last few weeks on earth. What will we do?

If I could make a comparison, now I am busy preparing for my MMC registration, my tax free cars and looking for a house in Malaysia - ie busy preparing for my next phase of my life. Have i make sure that I am 'registered' as a Muslim, have I checked that my aqidah/belief is the correct one? Allah promises us that He will prepare for us a house in the middle of paradise if we have good manners.

Instead of preparing to go home just after I have finished working (read retired), I should have started a long a long time ago. My GPT scheme was completed 2 years ago, but still i have books to be signed. It doesn't seems that I can can complete it. So I have to make up for it my going to the hospitals asking for signatures. In the hereafter, if I would not be able to make up all the things that I procrastinated in this world apart from paying them with my good deeds. So I have to make sure that I ask for forgiveness with those whom I might have wronged. I might not be able to find them anymore once I move on to a new place. Imagine the work I have to do if I don't deal with this issue there and then? It will be an awful job to find somebody, especially somebody you try to avoid becuase you knew you have wronged them in one way or another. I have to make sure that I pay back whatever money that I owe - so I beg for those who read this article, to clarify matters with me if there are things that is still outstanding in your views!!

In one of the blog that i read, what strikes me is that one of them has started to actively give talks to other people. Instead of thinking what do I want to do to myself in the last moments that I have, he was thinking 'how can I help other people so they can make full use of their life'. And that is what we are supposed to do. So for me, it is wrong to say that we should not think of death as our lives would not be productive. Thinking about death makes us want to live this current life to the fullest.

As somebody who believe in afterlife, it does not make sense when we spend a lot of time for this world (me included) while knowing it is the hereafter we are going to live forever. By making sure others benefit from our living, in return we will get reward for guiding others, Insya-Allah.

To the next phase of my life...



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