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Friday, March 18, 2005

traumatology UiTM

After so long, finally another entry from me. Today, i attended an interview with UiTM Dean of Medical Faculty. He came to Dublin looking for doctors especially who wants to go back to malaysia and work with them. Not my intention to tell in detail what was happening in there, however, i would say it was beneficial for me. Well, not only beneficial, it has changed my future. Perhaps i will be working there one day... or bery soon!!

First, even though it tok us nearly 6 hours waiting at malaysian hall before being called for interview (imagine final year.. doing nothing.... waiitng for interview... and worse, it wasn't even an offer for us), i really enjoyed being with other married couples (i have just realized!!). I was like a family gathering. long-time-no-see Shariz and his wife , Kak Aini were there. Zekri, kak an & dr saiful, kak haz & arope, tariq & kak azizah (first time i saw her anyway) and many more. Plus final years like alee, haninah, lisa, linda, husna & nora. Wow, what a crowd. waiting for 6 hours is not that bad after all. I managed to discuss enterocutaneuos fistula with alee and tariq, managed to learn about COPD with kak haz & kak azizah, and little bit of stroke from hamad. The conversation was unrestricted, it was really like a family gathering. even though i wasn't that close to kak haz (or kak azizah, tariq's wife) before, but what had happened today was completely different. I spoke to them as if i knew them for a long time already. yeah, probably that is why my wife told me that she is close to kak haz - so not 'typical'. there was one time this petronas guy asked arope, why these medical people loves to get married early. Hmmm, quite an invasive question i guess. However, arope's reply was brilliant: "kalau tak kawin awal, nanti terlepas." (Begitu selamba).

Anyway, the main thing that i get from that interview is... probably i would only stay for 1 year in ireland, settle my debts as soon as possible, and get attached to UiTM. Why UiTM? Well, Hosp Sg Buloh (what a name!!) will be the centre for traumatology and i would like to do Emergency Medicine. That's for a start. Plus, if i work there, most probably i will be staying in Shah Alam, which is good. Close to rumah kakyng in Puchong and close as well to Lisa's house. Plus Shah Alam is a nice area to reside at. And UiTM is fairly a new university.. well the medical faculty i mean. Established only in 2003, there are a lot of things to do. Compared to HUKM (which is good as well, but already has established its own 'likes and dislikes' - you know what i mean), I can probably create my own track - I wish huh!! Probably one of my dislikes of UiTM is that, the university itslef is built based on 'racism' policy. I know... i know, many would very much disagree with me, saying all these stuff about malay survival and how we are lagged behind the chinese. But still, we can't deny it is a racism policy, be it for our own good. I remember clearly we have this debate during MYS halaqah back in 2nd/3rd year, everybody was opposing my idea, even the liberal masyitah!! Hmmm.... It's not that i support DAP slogan- Malaysian Malaysia. Muhammad Khanji told me once, imagine he who lives in UK for many years (and has UK nationality), and the government decided to only give free education to so-called 'British Bumis', he will be raged! Plus he would have hard time to consider Britain as his country which he should love. Same things probably happens the chinese and indians in malaysia. How many of them involved in the arm force- ready to be killed in the line of duty for malaysia? Like Ammar said, it's the fault of the system we are living now- after 48 years of independance. Can't really blame the people to think and act what they are doing now.


  • At June 1, 2008 at 5:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hmm...another example of "kacang lupakan kulit" malays.jangan mara ye,kasar skit bunyinye.

    thanks to the malay "racism" policy that u had got a place to study medicine overseas.So be thankful and use this oppurtunity to do something good for our own race,such as joining uitm med school.

    well if u are planning to become one of uitm clinical lecturers,then i should wish u a lot of luck....cause uitm medical students are much more crazier and naughtier compared to their colleagues at other universites.

    I knowlah cause i'm one of these uitm med students.

    Wish u a luck n be a good clinician.

    adios opss manglish

  • At June 1, 2008 at 8:01 PM , Blogger arrpeace said...

    At last, after 3 years writing the article, somebody commented on it. Thank you.

    That was 3 years ago, i wrote that article. Now 3 years after, here I am, still thinking along the same line - that we should be welcoming other races who are also malaysians. Probably i should have toned down a bit, the way i wrote it down.

    Because of the government policy, i am in Ireland. an i am thankful for that. However, it doesn't mean that I will agree with all their policies. I guess i was still naive at that time. I know few malay consultants who purposely rejected such biasiswa for their kids to show that they are commited to what they believe.

    Hafiz Adnan


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