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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cheap Harry Potter books in Tesco

My wife bought a tudung recently from malaysia. She sent the tudung through a very fast postal service, without actually claim the full charges - out of pity that my wife might not receive it before raya. She didn't want to accept any compensation for that. And she sounds like a really nice muslim.

I wonder whether a salesperson can live with all these charities. Logically speaking, if you sell something less than its price, you will incur loss. Then I realised that Allah's promise that giving charity WILL NEVER decease your provision.

The example in this world is like Tesco was selling Harry Potter's books less than their buying price. Would they be at lost? Definitely not, as even though they are in loss for that particular book, customers will buy other things which will cover the loss, hence the net effect would be more income for Tesco.

Perhaps she (the seller) will receive help from Allah from ways that she never consider, Insya-Allah.

The new era

The way the tudung seller writes in her email was very much my wife's friend who just embraced Islam few years ago. Very soothing and calm, like nothing will ever disturb their focus on doing good deeds. Every so often there will be words that remember Allah like Insya-Allah, Alhamdulillah and May Allah forgives. Meeting them totally change even the way we speak. That is the effect of one person. Can we imagine if the whole kampung is like them? Subhanallah.

The so-called new Muslims (even though they converted many years ago) have been driving the force of dakwah in the west. With Allah's ultimate knowledge, He knows well what is going to happen. Only 100 years ago, Islam would be largely confined to Middle East, Africa and Asia. Probably some migration of Turks to Germany and Eastern European countries but certainly not in the Western Europe. The fall of Uthmaniyah would render Islam weak, or so we thought. How can we move forward when there is no unified body of Muslim to govern us?

Look at the good Islamic books written in English, who are the writers? Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips spent few years in Malaysia (Sabah) but only was attracted to Islam in 1972. He is now a well established lecturer in Arabic language and Islamic studies in UAE ( Muhammad Al-Jibaly's books are my wife's favourite- especially the Marriage series. I like his Eeman series. All his books were written in an easy to understand, that even my wife who would have short attention span reading complicated religious book could finish his book in one sitting. Jamaal Zarabozo became a Muslim when he was only 16 years of age. His book on commentary of 40 hadith by Al-Nawawi was considered one of the best book on study of hadith in English. Ustaz Hasrizal was using his book to teach us 40 hadith back in Galway many years ago. (

Allah knows best. Who would have expected that only after the fall of Uthmaniyah that Islam managed to spread among the people who in the past would really against Islam? Islam has been the fastest growing religion in America, and certainly not by sword. Who would imagine that mosques in Spain are increasing in number nowadays after every single Muslim in Spain was expelled 500 years ago? Why do people want Islam so much? What is there with Islam?

If the current so-called Muslim countries still are lagging behind in their practices and appreciation of Islam, then who knows, we might witness that these countries become the follower (of Islam) instead of the leader. Whatever it is, Allah has the best plan.



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