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Saturday, August 22, 2009


This is definitely a reminder to me, ahead of everybody else.

Before we go into perfecting our Salat, there is a minimum requirement that we need to fulfil. Do we? Seriously, do we fulfil the minimum criteria?

Pray 5 times a day.
Pray 5 times a day. No matter how busy you are.
Pray 5 times a day. Early.
Pray 5 times a day. In Jamaah.
Pray 5 times a day. With their naafilah prayers.

Scholars disagree as to whether those who does not pray, whether they can be considered muslim?
Even if we take the gentler stance, that we are still Muslims as long as we don’t deny the compulsory of Salat (that we didn’t pray because of our laziness and our weaknesses) – Salat (prayer) will still be the first thing to be asked by Allah in the Day of Judgment. If our salat do not fulfil the criteria, so will be our other deeds.

I still remember the guilty feeling of not praying Friday prayer in Galway mosque because there was a biochemistry practical at 2 on Friday. It was not that we did not pray - we prayed in the university prayer room – all 4 of us. And I still felt guilty. Compare to now, we easily give excuse that we have clinics or ward round that we can’t take 15 minutes to attend Friday prayer. When we don’t have prayer room, we complain. When we do have, we are too busy to use it at all.

The importance of prayer is reflected through the compulsory action itself – unless you don’t have full GCS, or sleeping, or for ladies during their period/nifas – you have to pray no matter in what condition you are in. You can pray while sitting, lying down, or only using your eyes; there is no excuse. You may combine the prayers and make tayamum, but you still have to pray. There is even a specific way of doing Salat in war!!

Solat is our time off to be with our Creator. We dress up for job interview; arrive early for our flight; so why not we prepare extra hard for our Solat. We should, anyway. This is a reminder for me. May Allah make it easy for me... for us. Then Allah will keep us away from evil deeds.

Verily, the prayer keeps one from great sins evil deeds. (Quran 29:45)

Please remind me when I am lazy, or get distracted with the worldly affair. And may Allah remind you as well. Insya-Allah.



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